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Questions Concerning Death and Sorrow

1. What happens to a person who dies?

  • Every person who lives and dies will experience life after death--John 5:28-29a. (Righteous and wicked)
  • After death comes a judgment--Heb. 9:27
  • The death of a believer in Christ involves being ushered into the presence of Christ--2 Cor. 5:8
  • The mortal is changed to immortality --1 Cor 15:54
  • The death of one who has not trusted Christ is not a pleasant subject

2. How Does God helps those who sorrow?

Psalm 119:75-77

  • with the assurance of His justice
  • with assurance of His character
  • with His lovingkindness and comfort

2 Corinthians 1:5 (through Christ, with His Word, He helps us:

  • To understand that Jesus wept
  • To understand that this life is temporary
  • To see how others experienced and gained victory

3. How we can prepare for our own eventual deaths?

  • Understand our own frailty: (Ps. 39:4-5)
  • Understand what we will all face: If Heb. tells us we will all face the judgment after death, it would be wise to know the basis of his judgment:

If our own righteousness, we'd all fall short.

  • Titus 3:5 (based on love not works)
  • John 3:16-18
  • John 1:12

I know if (Name) were here now, and especially after the perspective she has gained since her death Friday, she would urge you to take this opportunity to experience the grace of God by placing your eternal destiny into the hands of a gracious and compassionate God who has provided for our salvation by sending His son to bear our punishment. Won't you place your faith in Him right now?

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