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Please Tell Us How We're Serving You

We want to know how we are serving you. Would you please take a minute and share your story with us. We want to know how has helped you and how you are ministering to others because of Would you please take a minute and send us an email to encourage our staff and help us learn more about you.

Please email us here

Helpful information:

  1. About you. Your name, country/region. what ministries are you involved in (pastor, small group, men's or women's ministry, missions, outreach, worship etc.)?
  2. Serving You. How is serving you? Are we equipping your for ministry? If so how?
  3. Ministry. Are we helping you to serve and minister to others? If so, how? And in what ways?
  4. Resources. Are you are using resources in your ministry, please let us know which ones and in what way.
  5. Improvement. What areas can we do better?

Thank you,


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