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Missionary Retirement Policy

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Sample Bible Church does not consider it part of their responsibility to provide retirement income for their missionaries. This responsibility should be vested with the individual and/or their designated mission agency. Nevertheless, we recognize that many of our missionaries who are currently nearing retirement have no homes and only Social Security to fall back on. This directive elucidates a policy which provides some minimal support for these individuals.

(1) All support for an active missionary will be terminated within three months of retirement, except in cases of special assignment for which it may be extended to one year.

(2) This evaluation requires information regarding the candidates present assets and anticipated retirement income. Evaluation requirements include:

  • A letter from the mission agency regarding pension or retirement income for this individual.
  • An interview with the missionary regarding his/her financial status. Specific consideration is given to such items as: (a) Savings or retirement accounts; (b) Home or land ownership in the U.S. or abroad; (c) Other considerations which the Missions Commission deems important; (d) Social Security income.

(3) Once a need has been established and funds are available, allotment is subject to approval by the Missions Commission, Elder Board and congregation in the same manner in which approval is obtained in establishing a new missionary account.

(4) Anticipated income from this fund will be limited probably not to exceed 50 percent of their current support.

(5) This Policy is temporary in nature and will provide some relief for missionaries retiring with an income totally incommensurate with present U.S. living standards.

(6) The number of missionaries who will be provided with retirement income will diminish with time. Income from this source will not be available to any missionary who retires more than 15 years from now; therefore, it is expedient that individuals not nearing retirement establish a pension plan of their own, or ensure that their agency has provided them with one.

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