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Men's Leadership ( Men's Discipleship )

What kind of leader has God called you to be? Authentic leadership has been taught and modeled for us by Jesus Christ. His leadership example was emulated by Paul, Peter, Stephen, Philip, James, Barnabas, and the courageous men who started the first-century church. Contrary to today's view of secular leadership, true biblical leadership begins with faith, humility, and servanthood. In this series on leadership, MEN 7/52 will take you through the fundamentals of being an authentic biblical leader, and provide an understanding of how such a leader impacts his family, church, and community by following Christ.


Love Your Wife Sacrificially by J. Hampton Keathley IV

This is a wonderful article about how we are to love our wives. It is written from both a personal and biblical perspective. Discussion questions are included.



Men's 7/52 Leadership Series by Ken Boa

This is a sixteen part series that concentrates on the foundational qualities a man must develop in order to be a biblical leader. It covers faith, obedience, character, self-discipline, humility, leadership, and more. These are the building blocks of biblical manhood. Ken also provides audio messages that accompany each lesson. Small group discussion questions are included.


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