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Media (Audio, Video, PowerPoint...) on

As we grow the resources available on, we hope to continue to add audio and video sermons and lectures to help you in your study of God's word.

Here are some tools that may assist you in accessing these files on our website.

Windows Media© Audio and Video require Windows Media Player© (version 8 or later for PCs).

Mp3 Audio are also available. You may use the above player or your own Mp3 software.


Powerpoint slides require either PowerPoint© or the free viewer.

Adobe Acrobat? is required for the PDF files

Microsoft Word© documents are included on most of the articles and lessons on our site. All of them have been compressed using a ZIP utility. This utility is included for free on Windows XP machines. Once you have extracted the file from the zip archive, you will need Microsoft Word© or Word Pad© or the free Microsoft Word© viewer.

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