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A Man's Life

What gets in your way as you live your life as an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ? The areas in which men struggle and sin today are not much different than those of biblical times. However, in today's rapid paced media culture, fast-track career trajectories, and celebration of outright moral decay, the opportunities to succumb to sin are omnipresent. It is easy to get involved in substance abuse, adultery (either physical or emotional), pornography, and self-idolatry. Cultural taboos in these areas are gone. There is no moral outrage. The MEN 7/52 discipleship ministry is committed to helping men overcome these vicious traps and equipping church leaders to shepherd and mentor men to spiritual health.


Saddle Up by Jim Smith

Until we go to be with the Lord, we are living in Tombstone. It is a lawless town. The Clantons and McLaurys are here. Johnny Ringo lays in wait outside our doors. ...You are called. Saddle your horses. Consider yourselves deputized...


Occupational Hazards of Being a Man by Jeff Miller

Men will learn what their daily challenges are, and will be, as authentic followers of Christ. Jeff will take them through the lives of Old Testament men and point out the similarities to today's man. Audio is available along with small group discussion questions.


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