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Have I chosen the life that Jesus called me to?

10 T/F questions to assess if you are living the life that Jesus called you to.

Choose the Life the Journey is designed to assist you in your Journey of Choice. What will you choose? Will you surrender to the powerful forces of our culture and simply try to be successful for Jesus? Or will you choose the life that Jesus chose, and commit to follow him regardless of where he leads? To help find victory for any statement that you honestly answer with a "False". Learn more here.




  1. My practical theology of life lead to uncomplicated obedience? [I don’t need to reflect if tempted to cheat on my taxes]
  2. I have done at least one thing today because He said “do it.” Or abstained from one thing today because He said, “Don’t do it?”
  3. I have raised the white flag of surrender on certain stubborn sins that I can’t seem to overcome?
  4. I do not believe that discipleship to Christ is optional once you are a Christian?
  5. I am engaged in daily spiritual exercises that are training my character to be conformed to Christ?
  6. There are people in my life that I am in submission to in a way that is healthy and helping me keep my commitments to God?
  7. My faith community helps my life match the teachings of Jesus?
  8. I am a Christlike influence on others in my ordinary life. Not your religious life, church meetings and organized Christian events, but the common life, outside of your religious schedule. My immediate family, co workers, neighbors and friends consider me ‘good news’.
  9. Since I have taken up my cross to follow Jesus, I am a “dead person walking” willing to go where ever He leads me even if I don’t know where and have no control over the results. Pray before answering.
  10. In order to prove we are his disciples, we must love one another as he has loved us. My commitment is to love others until they “get it” that I love them. I am willing to sacrifice like Jesus did to convince difficult people in my life that I love them?


How'd you do? Click here to learn more about how to choose the life of following Jesus Christ.

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