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Funeral Information Form


Full Name: _________________________________________ Maiden Name:______________________
Address: ____________________________________ City, ST, Zip: __________________________
At the completion of my course of life here on earth, I would like my family and friends to 
use the following information, requests, and suggestions in the plans for my memorial or 
funeral service.
I would prefer (please check the appropriate spaces):
__ Memorial Service, burial preceding __ Casket closed
__ Funeral, burial following __ Casket open prior to service
__ Memorial Service, cremation preceding __ Casket open during service
__ Funeral, Cremation following __ Casket open following service
__ Interment to be public __ Interment to be private
Other instructions or requests:
If cremation is chosen, please comment upon what you would prefer be done with the remains?
I prefer the Memorial or Funeral Service be held at __________________________ (Please give 
preference and location of Church, Funeral Home, Cemetery, Base Chapel, or other location.) 
Memorial Service or Funeral Service Requests:
 1. Favorite Hymns: 
 2. Is their a specific soloist you would like to sing?
 3. Favorite Scriptures:
 4. Favorite Poetry: (please attach a copy)
 5. Personal words to leave: (A brief testimony is often a powerful witness)
 6. What Minister(s) would you like to conduct the service? 
 7. What part would you like each to have?
 8. Are there others you would like to participate? (Friends, Associates, Fraternal Orders?) 
Many loved ones and friends prefer the custom of giving living memorials to a church, a 
mission organization, school, or charity in lieu of flowers. Please express your preference.
 1. Are you a member of a Memorial/Burial Association? (Please specify names)
 2, Do you have burial insurance, a pre-arranged and/or pre-paid arrangements made? 
 With whom?
 3. Are you eligible for an American Flag as a Veteran?
 4. Do you have a grave plot? (Location:)
Do you have a will? Who has copies?
Have portions or all of your body been donated to science? (give details):
From time to time you may wish to revise this form. Often other friends or family members may 
also wish copies. Please feel free to call the church for additional blank forms, or feel free 
to make copies.
Please keep this form in a safe place, not in a safety deposit box. Your pastor, a friend or 
family member may be appropriate. (It is often helpful to give a copy to your pastor, as he will 
likely be able to better minister when needed.)

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