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Facilities Commission

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    To oversee the maintenance and repair of the church property. The commission will perform and delegate various tasks to completion as it relates to the church facilities. Responsibilities are both individual and corporate.


    The Facilities Commission shall consist of at least five members, including a chairman appointed by the Board of Elders and an elder representative. The number of persons to serve on this commission shall be determined by the commission chairman and the elder representative.

    Assign liaison of specific delegated responsibilities to various members of the commission:

Custodial Interface
Heating and Lighting
Building Maintenance and Repair
Rental House and Missions House Oversight
Church Vehicles


    General Areas

    1. The assigned elder and the commission chairman will guide the direction and spiritual quality of this commission through guidance, example and prayer.

    2. Implement, uphold and carry out the church's facilities policy. Recommend changes as deemed advised.

    Specific Areas

      Oversight of the Facilities Caretaker:

    1. Responsibilities include interviewing and recommending the hiring and/or discharging of an individual in this position. Also, responsibilities include preparing a list and schedule of duties for the caretaker. The church administrator, communicating and reporting to the Facilities Commission, will represent this commission in carrying out direct supervision in explaining and training the Caretaker as to the duties and standards expected. The church administrator will also be responsible to make frequent inspections of the church facilities to assure schedules and standards are being properly carried out. In the absence of the church administrator, an appointed member of the Facilities Commission will carry out the above responsibilities.

    2. Development of a Heating and Lighting Strategy to Conserve Energy: Establish a lighting plan and schedule for the interior and exterior lighting. Utilize the central control computer in carrying out this strategy. The church administrator, or an appointed member of the Facilities Commission in the absence of an administrator, will directly oversee the proper carrying out of this energy conservation strategy.

    3. Building and Equipment Maintenance and Repair: Set up schedules for the proper maintenance of church equipment. Coordinate the repair of equipment as required. Inspect all of the church facilities on a regular basis in order to record condition of property. Schedule regular work parties when deemed necessary. All of these responsibilities will be coordinated with the church administrator, if there is one present.

    4. Representative to Tenants in Church-Owned Property: Appoint a commission member to be the liaison between the church and the tenant for matters pertaining to agreement of rent, collection of rent, repairs, and painting of the property. Coordinate with the Missions Commission to schedule missionary tenants in the missionary house.

    5. Supervision of Church Vehicles: Arrange to test and provide a list of qualified drivers to the insurance company. Inspect and test vehicles for needed repairs. Schedule all required maintenance procedures on a regular basis. Review insurance coverage on an annual basis. Set up rules for the use of the vehicle for those authorized to drive.

    6. Building and Liability Insurance: Assure adequate coverage to cover any recently purchased equipment, building additions, vehicles, or other special insurance coverage.

    7. Biannual Inventory of all Church Personal Property.

    8. Coordination of the Purchase and Installation of New or Replacement Equipment: Responsibilities include the recommendation, coordination and supervision of any remodeling or improvement projects on any of the church facilities.

    9. Fire Safety Inspections: Appoint a member of the Facilities Commission or the church administrator to test fire alarm system on the approved schedule plan. Assure that all fire preventative measures are properly and adequately in place at all times. Periodic inspections of the church facilities for fire hazards will also be carried out.

    10. Maintenance of Adequate Security Protection.

    11. Preparation of an Annual Activities Report: This will be incorporated as part of the Board of Elders' Annual Report to the congregation.

    12. Publicity of Activities and Planned Events.

      Areas Needing Approval of Elder Council

    1. Budget Expenditures Outside of Approved Budget: Also includes any expenditures over the established guidelines.

    2. Actions that will Affect the Congregation-at-Large.

    3. Items Other Than Routine Maintenance and Upgrading of Real and Personal Church Property.

Relationship with Other Ministries

    Within the Church

    1. Pastor of Administration

    2. Church Members

    3. The Facilities Commission shall make an effort to conform to the guidelines set down in Col. 3:12-14, 17 in its relationship with members of the body.

    The Facilities Commission shall function with the attitude that its members are overseers/servants caring for the assets of the Lord that have been loaned to SBC for ministry.

    Outside Organizations

    1. The Facilities Commission shall conduct itself business in such a manner as to not bring reproach on the name of Jesus Christ. Business should be done in such a manner as to bring positive unsolicited recommendations from one business to another in dealing with SBC.

    2. Local Government Representatives: The Facilities Commission will be expected to interface with representatives as may be required from time to time (i.e., the Fire Department, the Building Department, etc.)

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