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Equipping Men For Impact is beginning the journey of providing men with the tools and guidance they need to be Godly men.  Starting in June, to help celebrate Father's Day,  we will be starting a men's blog called Equipping Men For Impact.  It is designed to help change your life so you can help change your church, your family and your world.

Were getting back to basics, addressing real life issues and proving devotions for your daily growth. We gathered men from all over the country to help us start off our mens ministry.

As always, one of the unique trademarks is that we make every resource that we can available for free global online access and free download use. We pray this new men's ministry section on will bless your life and ministry.

Suggested reading for Your Men's help you make your impact.

Here are some other suggested men’s ministry materials that can be used.

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The Men's Blog

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Articles or series for men

Saddle Up by Jim Smith

Men are called to action. This article is designed to appeal to their hard-wired nature to be defenders, warriors, and sacrificial leaders. It can motivate men to think differently about themselves in their roles as husbands, fathers, and guardians of God’s church.

Intentional Shepherding - Radical Mentoring by Jim Smith

Pastors and church leaders are also called to action through direct, confessional leadership – by their example – in restoring men to purity, integrity, courage, and biblical male leadership.

The Church as Family by Vern Sheridan Poythress

If pastors and elders have made the commitment to cleanse the temple, themselves, and their men in leadership, this article, and the discussion questions prepared by, can help them. This is the next step after “Intentional Shepherding – Radical Mentoring”.

Studying the Scriptures by Ken Boa

This is a terrific study that will help men in their daily bible studies. Ken does a great job taking the reader through a variety of steps and disciplines for getting the most out of God’s word. Ken includes some homework exercises that are well suited to either private study or group discussions.

Sex - A 12 Step Program for Men by Jeff Miller

Given today’s cultural decadence and the flood of temptation coming from all areas of society, this needs to be in place immediately. This is an audio series that can be listened to during small group sessions. Group discussions on each topic would follow.

Men's 7/52 Leadership Series by Ken Boa

This is a sixteen part series that concentrates on the foundational qualities a man must develop in order to be a biblical leader. It covers faith, obedience, character, self-discipline, humility, leadership, accountability, relationships, values, commitment, and encouragement. These are the building blocks of biblical manhood. Ken also provides audio messages that accompany each lesson. Small group discussion questions are included.

Choose the Life by Bill Hull

Bill Hull covers the richness of living an authentic life in Christ. The series has a book, workbook, and DVD that are excellent for small group study and discussion.

Occupational Hazards of Being a Man by pastor Jeff Miller

Men will learn what their daily challenges are, and will be, as authentic followers of Christ. Jeff will take them through the lives of Old Testament men and point out the similarities to today’s man. Audio is available along with small group discussion questions.

Hazards of Being a Leader by pastor Jeff Miller

This is a 12-part series for men (a follow-up series to the hugely popular series Occupational Hazards of Being a Man). Each audio message runs about 35 minutes and studies a biblical character who failed in leadership and then corrected their own error. A worksheet is available for each study (in Word) that contains a couple of reflection questions and a meditation verse. Thus the study can be done individually or in a group. Best wishes as you accept the challenge to grow in your leadership!

Spiritual Warfare by Bob Deffinbaugh

Men must know how to arm themselves with the full armor of God if they are to step forward and stand firm. Understanding spiritual warfare and knowing how to deal with it is fundamental to the survival of their families, the church, and themselves.

Love Your Wife Sacrificially by J. Hampton Keathley IV

This is a wonderful article about how we are to love our wives. It is written from both a personal and biblical perspective. Discussion questions are included.

Marks of Maturity by J. Hampton Keathley III

What does a mature Christian look like? A mature Christian is a believer whose life begins to take on the character of Christ-likeness. But what exactly is that? What are the specific qualities that mark out a person as Christ-like? This is the focus and point of this study.

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