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Employment Policy

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Welcome to Sample Bible Church. When a person accepts a position with SBC, that person affiliates with a group that shares a special joy in working in Christian ministry. Our desire is to have a common interest and dedication in serving Christ through the maximum development of this congregation's ministry our SBC.

We are glad you have chosen to work with us and trust our efforts together will produce an atmosphere compatible with the Christian principles we represent. You play an important role in the enrichment of the lives of all who attend here. Every staff member is essential to creating an environment of harmony in which to work.

Please, if there are comments or criticisms about anything you see at Sample Bible Church, let the pastoral staff know about it. As a staff member we want your experiences to be pleasant, meaningful and educational. Remember, we each must rely on God's wisdom and strength to do our jobs as unto Him.

Employee Classifications

    Pastoral Staff: Pastoral staff includes all pastors whether they be senior pastor or associate pastor.

    Support/Office Staff: Support/office staff includes all staff members who are not considered to be pastors. Both full-time and part-time positions are included in this category.

    Permanent Staff Members: Permanent staff members include full-time and part-time personnel who are hired on a permanent basis.

    Full-time: Employees are considered full-time when they work at least thirty (30) hours per week.

    Part-time: Staff members who work less than thirty (30) hours per week (as determined to fit the need) are considered part-time employees.

    Temporary Staff Members: Temporary staff members include those who work as substitutes during vacations, illness or other absences, and when extra assistance is needed. Temporary staff members do not participate in vacations, holidays, sick leave or medical insurance programs.

Application for Employment

    All applicants for support/office staff positions at Sample Bible Church, both full-time and part-time, must complete the Application for Employment.

    In filling positions, every effort is made to locate applicants who are especially suited to working on a church staff. There is no discrimination because of race, sex or marital status. There is the requirement, however, that the person be a born-again Christian.

    At the time of employment, the person need not be a member or attend services at Sample Bible Church. Ideally, however, in order to fulfill one's responsibilities as a member of the staff, the person must be willing to become personally involved in the ministry at SBC.

    In the case of the full-time church secretary/office manager, the applicant must be willing to be tested to determine ability and aptitude for the job. Through the testing and interview process, recommendation(s) will be made to the pastoral staff who will then interview the applicant(s).

    The choice of the secretary/office manager shall be by consensus of the pastoral staff. The pastoral staff will then bring its recommendation to the Board of Elders for approval. All other support/office staff applicants will likewise be interviewed by the pastoral staff before being eligible for recommendation to the Board of Elders.

Probationary Period

    A support/office staff employee hired for a permanent position will be placed on probationary status for a period of three (3) months, during which time performance on and reaction to the job will be observed. At the end of the probationary period, the pastoral staff will meet with the employee for an evaluation and determine if they believe the person is qualified and able to fill the position.

    If the pastoral staff does not deem the employee's performance satisfactory, suggestions for improvement will be made and the probationary period extended one (1) month in order to give the employee an opportunity to make improvements. If performance after the one-month extension is still deemed unsatisfactory, the employee may be dismissed after compensation for the period actually worked.

    If the employee's performance is satisfactory, his/her employment will then be considered to be permanent so long as:

    1. There is a need for someone in that position,

    2. The performance of the employee continues to be satisfactory, and

    3. The employee determines he/she is satisfied in the position.


    An evaluation of performance for support/office personnel will be completed at the end of six (6) months, at the end of the first year, and yearly thereafter by the immediate supervisor or pastoral staff.

    The evaluation will be based on capability and performance in handling the day-to-day duties of the position and contribution to the results of the total ministry of the church.

Termination of Employment

Office Staff

    Resignation: Voluntary termination on the part of the employee requires a minimum two-week notice, in writing, to the immediate supervisor or pastoral staff. The time it takes to rehire and train new personnel actually requires more than two weeks; therefore, notification of a planned resignation several weeks in advance would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

    Discharge: Before an employee is discharged, the employee will be given a verbal warning by the immediate supervisor or by a member of the pastoral staff that the employee's work is of insufficient quality and is not meeting the standards required for the specific job.

    A four-week period will be given the employee in which to remedy the complaints. If sufficient improvement is not made within the four-week period of time, the employee's dismissal will be recommended to the Board of Elders. No further notice shall be given before termination of employment.

    Written documentation of interviews, reviews, and actions taken shall be maintained.

Work Practices

Employee Records

    A personnel folder containing the employment application, any payroll changes, employee evaluations, correspondence, and an attendance record is to be maintained for each employee. Any change in status is to be reported promptly to the church office, such as change in address, telephone number, withholding exemptions, or marital status.


    When possible, several days advanced notice because of an ”expected” absence is appropriate. If, for good cause, one must be absent unexpectedly, a call to the church office or pastoral staff as soon as possible is expected. Excessive absence will jeopardize an employee's position on the staff.


    If a situation forces one to be tardy, a call to the church office or pastoral staff is expected.

Office Hours

    Though employee hours may vary, the church office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays (except on holidays or as otherwise specified). A one-hour lunch break is provided and two fifteen-minute breaks per day at the discretion of the employee.

Personal Grooming

    Cleanliness and good personal grooming is a must. Moderation in hair styling, makeup, and clothing (in keeping with the position held) is expected of every employee so as to be a good testimony and representative of this ministry.


    Employees are encouraged to share responsibility in keeping the facilities clean and neat at all times. Please report any problems in this regard to the church office or to one of the pastoral staff.

Public Relations

    The staff represents this church to every person with whom they come in contact. Visitors and fellow employees should be treated with courtesy and kindness.

Interoffice Communication

    Support/office personnel and pastoral staff should strive to keep each other informed as to where they are and how they can be reached during office hours.


    If an employee has a grievance, it is important that the issue be resolved as quickly as possible. Many problems can be discussed and resolved in staff meetings. Problems of a more personal nature should be discussed promptly with the immediate supervisor or one of the pastoral staff. If the problem is still unresolved, it should be taken, if necessary, to the Board of Elders.


    Effective security measures are a benefit to you as an employee and to the church as a whole. Lost or stolen keys weaken security, so guard carefully all keys in your possession. If you are the last person to leave an area that is normally locked, be sure the door is closed and locked properly.

    An alarm system has been installed for the church office, work room, A/V storage room and pastoral offices. The last person to leave in the evening is responsible to set the alarm.

    Leave personal valuables in a safe place. Be alert for people who should not be in the building or on the grounds. A courteous "May I help you?" is always appropriate.


    Each employee is to share in maintaining a safe place for everyone by always being on the alert for any unsafe or hazardous situation and taking corrective action (on the spot if possible). Problems or needs in this area should be brought up as soon as possible at staff meeting. A safety-conscious attitude and approach to all duties will minimize the likelihood of an accident. If involved in (or are witness to) an accident while on the job, it must be reported to the church office as soon as possible and a ”written” report of all the details is an absolute necessity.

Church Budget

    The church operates on a yearly budget and it is the responsibility of the staff to operate within the guidelines set forth in that budget.

    Permission for expenditures over the allotted budget must be authorized by the Board of Elders.

    Staff members will not accept designated money from the body for any purpose.

    Staff members will not solicit contributions for programs and/or other purposes without prior authorization from the Board of Elders.

    If people indicate an interest in raising money for special projects or the needs of a staff member or his program, the staff member shall ask that it not be done until there is official authorization from the Board of Elders.

    A staff member shall be careful to never solicit or encourage gifts from the congregation for personal or family needs.

Church Supplies

    A variety of supplies are required in this ministry and are to be used only in connection with church programs. Supplies are not to be taken for personal use without the knowledge and approval of the secretary/office manager, and the church shall be reimbursed for supplies used.

    The church shall be reimbursed at five (5) cents per copy for the use of the copier for personal copies. If the copier is needed for more than fifty (50) personal copies, approval is needed from the secretary/office manager.

Reimbursement Voucher Process

    Reimbursement for items such as office supplies and personal gasoline expenses incurred while conducting church business is provided when a voucher is properly completed and submitted to the office and approved by the secretary/office manager or a member of the pastoral staff. Gasoline expense is reimbursable at the rate of ____ cents per mile. (It is recognized that many times the distance traveled will be insignificant and the employee will not bother to collect.)

Staff Meetings

    Staff meetings are held regularly to review the past month, discuss problems, make plans for upcoming events and provide an opportunity for the staff to pray for the ministry and any special prayer requests from the church body.

    Regular attendance at staff meetings is required for all permanent full-time support/office staff. If a staff member is unable to attend, a brief written report on ministry activities and plans is needed.

    Minutes of the staff meetings shall be taken and distributed as soon as possible as a reminder of tasks which need to be accomplished by various personnel.


    Every effort is made to insure that each employee is compensated at a fair rate of pay. As part of a continuing effort to be fair, and as good stewards of God's provision, a job description and salary range will be maintained for each position.

Salary and Wages

    Compensation for permanent full-time support/office staff is based on a monthly salary.

    Compensation for permanent part-time and temporary help is based on an hourly wage, unless arranged otherwise by the Board of Elders.

Pay Period

    Permanent full-time employees are paid semi-monthly on the fifteenth and the last day of the month. If a payday falls on Saturday or Sunday, checks are distributed on the preceding Friday.

    If a pay check is lost, it cannot be reissued for at least forty-eight (48) hours.

    Permanent part-time employees will be paid once each month on the last work day of the month.

    Under certain circumstances, a salary advance will be permitted. After written authorization has been obtained from the pastoral staff and the church treasurer, the employee is responsible to communicate directly with the bookkeeper.

Overtime Comensation

    The employer is not obligated to compensate for overtime unless more than forty (40) hours are worked in a one-week period. Only ”authorized” overtime will be compensated.

    Overtime (for full-time employees) will be compensated by time only, on an hour-to-hour basis.

    Though part-time permanent and temporary employees are not granted paid holidays off, they may arrange to use extra hours worked (within reason) in order to take stated holidays off.

    Compensatory time must be used within four (4) weeks of the time it is earned and must be scheduled at least two days in advance.

    If an employee chooses, he/she may perform duties on a volunteer basis in addition to his/her scheduled compensated hours.

Computation of Hourly Wages:

    An employee's hourly wage is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate times the number of hours worked during the pay period.

Payroll Deductions

    By law, the church is required to withhold Federal Income and Social Security taxes from all support/office staff salaries and wages.

    By law, the church has the obligation to deduct the appropriate ________ State Industrial Insurance fees from each employee's paycheck. The amount is based on a rate set by the ________ State Department of Labor and Industries.

    Upon the request of the employee, and the authorization of the Board of Elders, the church shall make special deductions from an employee's regular paycheck. This would include funds set aside by the pastoral staff for Professional Expense Reimbursement.

Sick Leave

    All full-time pastors and other permanent full-time employees shall accumulate one paid sick day for each full month of service up to a limit of twelve (12) days. Once twelve days have been accumulated, that potential benefit remains active until used.

    No paid time off will be granted to part-time employees if such absence is related to sickness and/or accident.

    Sick leave may be used for illness, injury, absence due to pregnancy or childbirth, and routine doctor and dental appointments.

    Sickness and accident benefits shall not be paid unless the employee's condition, resulting from a sickness or accident, reasonably precludes the employee from being at work. In questionable cases, the employee may be asked to provide a physician's statement.

    Payment for sick leave shall include salary and other existing benefits such as medical insurance, auto allowance, etc. (as applicable).

    Due to hardship or other considerations, paid sickness and accident benefits, over and above the designated twelve-day period provided for in this policy statement, shall be referred to the Board of Elders for consideration and alternative action, if any.

    Sickness and accident benefits start on the first day of absence because of sickness or accident and are based on the basic rate of pay in effect at the time the absence begins. Any pay increases scheduled to start during a sickness or accident absence period shall be deferred until the employee returns to work.

    Compensating time off shall not be granted for official holidays occurring during an absence due to sickness or accident.

    An accumulation of sick leave is valuable in case of an accident or unexpected long illness and is actually income insurance provided by the church at no cost to you. It is to your advantage to conserve this benefit carefully.

Attendance Records

    From a legal and practical standpoint, it is important that accurate records of employees' attendance be maintained. To accomplish this objective, the secretary/office manager shall keep an attendance record for all support/office personnel showing days worked, vacation days, absences (excused and unexcused), sick days, jury duty, holidays, etc. The attendance record is to be maintained separately from the payroll record.

    Excellent attendance is a presumed standard.

    Attendance records are maintained to provide a specific record for determining compensatory time, sick days, time off for jury duty, holidays, vacation time accrued, and other benefits due the employee. This provides an official record which can be used for legal purposes and is useful in the event of unemployment compensation, industrial insurance, discrimination or wage and benefit disputes.

    Attendance records which show more than five (5) incidences of absence and/or seven (7) days total absence in any one calendar year, shall be reviewed for pattern and cause of such absence.

    Where such review discloses the need for corrective action on the part of the employee, appropriate discussions shall be held with the employee regarding the corrective action needed, if any.

    The attendance records will be maintained as shown by the secretary/office manager on a calendar-ear basis. At the end of the year, the attendance records will be stored in the event they are needed at some future date.


    Posting Symbol

    Hours worked (other than pastors)

    8 (number of hours)

    Absence Due to Sickness






    Time worked on holidays


    Compensating time off


    Scheduled day off


Salary Increases

    Supervisors will review job performance periodically and pay increases will be considered, if warranted, on the basis of the established salary range.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

    Support/office staff will be eligible for approved conferences or seminars as determined by the pastoral staff.

    The pastoral staff is responsible for guidance and approval of conferences to be attended by support/office staff members. Care must be taken to assure that a conference has a direct contribution to be made to a staff member's work and thus is of benefit to the church.

    Careful planning in the scheduling and attending of conferences is vital so that conflict with church-related responsibilities is avoided.

Study Leave (Pastoral Staff)

    Members of the pastoral staff will be granted up to eight (8) weeks of study leave with pay, depending upon the course of study, every five (5) years for educational purposes.

    It will be clearly understood that the staff member will return for at least one (1) year of service following a study leave.

    Any study leave must have authorization from the Board of Elders.

Leave of Absence or Vacation Without Pay

    Permanent employees requesting a leave of absence, or extended vacation without pay, must do so in writing to the pastoral staff, detailing the justification. A leave of absence normally shall not be granted for a period longer than thirty (30) calendar days. Any leave of absence must have authorization from the Board of Elders.

Jury Duty

    When a permanent employee is called for jury duty, time off with regular salary will be granted for work days during which such employee continues on jury duty, not to exceed four (4) weeks. Any fees received as a juror may be retained by the employee.

Garnishments and Wage Assignments

    Occasionally an employee may fall behind in payments to creditors resulting in garnishment or assignment of wages. In such instances, the church is legally required to deduct a portion of the employee's wages and forward the required amount to the creditor(s).

Holidays and Vacations


    The following days are recognized as holidays with pay for permanent full-time employees at Sample Bible Church.

    New Year's Day

    Labor Day

    Presidents' Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Memorial Day

    Christmas Day

    Independence Day

    Employee's Day

    If an employee must work on a holiday, a compensating day off shall be granted. Scheduling and arrangement for the compensating time off shall be made with the appropriate supervisor or pastoral staff.

    If the holiday falls on a day which is the employee's scheduled day off, a compensating day off in addition to the holiday shall be granted.

    Permanent part-time and temporary employees are not granted paid holidays off, but may reschedule their work in a manner so that they may be absent from their job on the holiday. All changes in work schedule shall be arranged and approved by the appropriate supervisor or pastoral staff.

    When a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the pastoral staff will arrange for the preceding Friday or following Monday to be observed as the holiday.


    A "vacation year" is determined by the employee's date of hire. Vacations shall be granted to pastoral and support/office staff as follows:

    The Senior Pastor shall be granted four (4) weeks of paid vacation each vacation year.

    Associate Pastors shall be granted two (2) weeks of vacation for the first three (3) years of employment and three (3) weeks vacation thereafter for each vacation year.

    Full-time support/office staff shall be granted vacation in accordance with the following schedule:

    Years of Employment

    Weeks of Vacation

    Year one

    One week

    Years two-four

    Two weeks

    Years five and following

    Three weeks

    Permanent part-time employees shall be granted a vacation in accordance with the schedule above, however, the employee will be paid equivalent to the hours normally worked.

    Permanent part-time employees are eligible to accrue vacation time after they have worked one year.

    Temporary employees (employees who are not scheduled to work every week) are not eligible for paid vacation.

    During the first six (6) months of employment, vacation taken shall not exceed vacation accrued. Vacation benefits accruing subsequent to the first six (6) months of service, including vacation earned and not taken, may be taken anytime during the remaining part of the current vacation year.

    NOTE: Vacation time is accrued monthly and time paid will be equivalent to a regular five-day work week.

    Monthly accrual fractions:

    One week

    .417 vacation days per month

    Two weeks

    .833 vacation days per month

    Three weeks

    l.25 vacation days per month

    Four weeks

    l.67 vacation days per month

    Vacation time off shall be taken during the year in which the vacation credit accrues, and said vacation credit shall not be "carried over" or accumulated from one vacation year to another without written approval of the Board of Elders.

    Because vacations are granted for the purpose of rest and relaxation away from the job, pastors and other employees shall not be paid for days worked in lieu of vacation. Vacation not taken is a lost benefit.

    All vacations for support/office staff shall be scheduled and coordinated with the appropriate supervisor or pastoral staff member. Approval must come from the pastoral staff.

    Vacation time for the pastoral staff must be scheduled and coordinated with, and approved by, the Board of Elders.

    Employees with accrued vacation time at retirement or termination will receive vacation pay. Vacation time will be paid at the employee's base rate.


    Medical Insurance

    Full medical insurance coverage is provided for all permanent, full-time employees, as follows:

    The pastoral staff, their spouses, and dependent children through high school age who are not covered by another medical insurance plan.

    All permanent, full-time support/office employees who are not covered by another medical insurance plan.

    The spouses of permanent, full-time support/office personnel who do not work outside the home for more than thirty (30) hours per week or have medical insurance coverage through their employment.

    The children of permanent, full-time support/office personnel up through high school age who are not covered by some other means of medical insurance.

    Employees may choose an individual health plan of their preference with the total cost not to exceed the current monthly limit established by the Board of Elders. The employer shall pay directly to the insurance company.

    Medical insurance coverage becomes effective thirty (30) days after employment begins and ends thirty (30) days after termination of employment.

Continuation of Insurance While Not Working

    Subject to the terms of the respective insurance policy, continuation of medical insurance during a leave of absence without pay, disability (whether or not job-related), or for any other reason is contingent upon the employee notifying the church and making arrangements to pay the full cost of the insurance during the period of leave, if the employee desires to keep the benefits in full force and effect. Monthly payments must be made to the church in advance. Failure to make such payments may result in cancellation of the employee's benefits.

    Dental Insurance

    An optional employee-paid dental program is available through (company). Further information may be obtained in the church office.


    Disability insurance is available through the State of __________ and, if the employee desires, an amount can be withdrawn from his/her paycheck. Under the coverage, if you are unable to work because of illness or an accident not connected with your work, insurance benefits may be collected from the State. Additional information may be obtained in the church office.

    Short-Term Disability

    Continuation of full salary will be provided for pastoral staff and permanent full-time support/office staff for a length of time to be determined by the Board of Elders in the event of absences caused by illness and/or injury.

    Maximum amount of short-term disability compensation will be unrestricted; however, if a permanent or long-term disability becomes apparent, the Board of Elders will determine a salary continuation level, if needed.

    State Industrial Insurance

    Under the Industrial Insurance Law of the State of ________, an insurance program exists which is administered by the Department of Labor and Industries and covers job-related injuries and diseases caused by conditions at work.

    This insurance pays all medical costs resulting from job injuries and/or illness. It also pays an injured employee a partial wage while off from work because of a job-related injury or illness. Fees are state-required and are automatically deducted from each employee's salary or wages.

    Social Security Insurance

    The church participates in the Federal Social Security Plan which provides old age, disability and survivor's benefits for all full-time and part-time support/office staff. The amount deducted from your paycheck is matched by the church to provide these benefits. Pastoral staff members are considered self-employed by the Social Security Administration and are individually responsible to report and pay Social Security taxes as defined in current law.


    At present, no retirement pension plan is offered for pastoral staff or support/office personnel.

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