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    The Deaconate assists the Board of Elders in the care and nurturing of the local church body. Their unique purpose is to carry out the kind of work described in the Book of Acts, chapter 6: to wait on those in need in order that the pastors, elders, and leaders may have adequate time and opportunity to "devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word of God." They are ready to do any work that is a logical and practical extension of the work of Christ through the local body of believers. Certain of these tasks are ongoing and will be done in an orderly fashion by the Deaconate, but some shall be on an "as needed" basis as directed by the Board of Elders.


    (1) The Deaconate has been divided into "corps" or teams to help distribute the load of the duties of this particular body.

    (2) It has a chairman, appointed Board of Elders, vice chairman, and secretary who is selected by the Deaconate itself.

    (3) Monthly meetings are held on Commission night, at which time the work is reviewed, ideas and observations are shared and accountability is strengthened. Meetings by the corps are held as needed.


    General Areas

    (1) The assigned elder and the commission chairman will guide the direction and spiritual quality of this commission through guidance, example and prayer.

    (2) Implement, administrate, uphold, and carry out the Deaconate policy

    Specific Areas

    (1) The Festival Corp: Fellowship activities such as dinners and receptions.

    (2) The Comfort Corp: Bringing comfort and encouragement to those that have been suffering in some way or are experiencing the loss of a loved one. They seek to organize the meeting of any of the practical needs such people may be facing.

    (3) The Sharing Corp: The food cupboard, the benevolent fund, meeting the needs of the poor and the needy in an orderly fashion.

    (4) The Decorating Corp: Overseeing that the seasonal decorating items in the church facility are accomplished in a practical and orderly fashion.

    (5) The Ordinance Corp: Organizing and preparing the Lord's Supper, baptisms, and child dedication services in a regular and orderly fashion.

    (6) The Visitation Corp: The Home Calling Ministry, shepherding the flock by giving personal attention to individuals in the body; listening to needs and staying in touch.

    (7) The Hospitality Corp: Organizing and promoting the New Members Information Class and seeing that those interested in making this their church home are made welcome and are enfolded into the church family.

    (8) Other Corps will be added as the need arises or as instructed by the Board of Elders.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

    (1) Preparation of an Annual Activities Report: This will be incorporated as part of the Board of Elders' annual report to the congregation

    (2) Coordination with the Church Calendar Planner.

    (3) Publicity of Activities and Planned Events.

Areas Needing Approval of Elder Board

    (1) Budget Expenditures Outside of Approved Budget. Also includes any expenditures over the established guidelines.

Coordination with Other Ministries

    The Deaconate receives most all of its information from the elders in terms of duties and responsibilities, yet it remains constantly sensitive to the church calendar and to the activities of each of the commissions and seeks to anticipate or meet needs in the above categories as they become apparent.

    The various corps will work in concert with the other commissions in discharging their duties.

    The Ordinance Corps schedules its various activities in strict concert with the staff.

    The Sharing Corps will work with various relief and aid organizations outside the church (e.g., the Union Gospel Mission).

Other Ministry Areas

    The Deaconate remains sensitive to the needs of those outside the local church, and maintains a watchful eye on struggling like-minded fellowships with financial or emotional needs.

    Such individuals as the rejected and unwanted (e.g., the refugee) is the target of the Deaconate's concern when a spiritual ministry is available in tandem with the meeting of physical needs.

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