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Daily Reading Plan: A Topical Treasury of Proverbs

Excerpt from A Topical Treasury of Proverbs

NOTE: To many, the Book of Proverbs is known a book of Wisdom. While Proverbs is full of many wise sayings, A Topical Treasury of Proverbs clearly reveals the Lord as the source of all wisdom. Wisdom is presented as knowledge, understanding, discernment and instruction. The Lord's wisdom helps us live a righteous life, be attentive to the voice of wisdom, develop compassion, generosity, gentleness, humility and so on.

If you would like to be convinced of this, try using the following Daily Reading Plan. In this plan, you concentrate on one or more topics each day of the month. By reading approximately nine pages per day, all 100 topics from A Topical Treasury of Proverbs will be covered in one month.

Day Topics
1 Lord
2 Wisdom
3 Discipline / Correction; Knowledge
4 Discretion; Faithfulness; Prudence / Shrewdness; Understanding; Unfaithfulness
5 Discernment; Good Counsel
6 Wickedness / Evil
7 Foolishness
8 Righteousness
9 Hard-heartedness; Injustice; Justice
10 Consequences (Negative); Consequences (Rewards)
11 Financial Pitfalls; Wealth
12 Speech that Builds up; Speech that Destroys; Speech Withheld
13 Anger; Bitterness; Hatred; Shame; Violence
14 Honor / Glory; Joy; Zeal
15 Disrespect; Fear of the Lord; Purity; Rebellion
16 Covet; Sinfulness; Upright
17 Brokenness; Cruelty; Fear; Jealousy; Peace; Schemes; Self-righteousness
18 Family Matters; Love; Parenting
19 Authority; Corruption; Obedience
20 Backslider; Impulsiveness; Marital Problems; Self-control; Sexual Immorality
21 Food; Health; Protection; Success
22 Hope; Judgment
23 Able to be Corrected; Compassion; Generosity; Hard Working
24 Deception; Lie (untruth); Trust; Trustworthiness; Truthfulness
25 Attentiveness; Drunkenness; Laziness; Preparedness / Decisions
26 Independent Spirit; Teachable Spirit; Weak Spirit
27 Boastfulness; Greed; Pride; Selfishness; Temptation
28 Friends / Neighbors; Heart; Quarrel
29 Criticism; Dissension; Enemy; Gossip / Rumors; Thievery
30 Gentleness; Grace / Mercy; Humility; Integrity
31 Bondage; Courage / Strength; Freedom; Oppression

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