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By: Michael Patton and Rhome Dyck
$29.95 ( 2 DVDs)
How should we interpret Scripture?
How has Scripture been interpreted through the centuries?
Why are there so many different interpretations?
What are the common mistakes that we should avoid?
What are the basic principles that we should follow?
This lesson will provide a basic understanding of what is involved in the process of interpretation, by looking at biblical interpretation as practiced through the centuries. We will introduce nine basic principles for interpretation and six common fallacies that people often commit. You will gain a better understanding of the methods of interpretation and a firm conviction that the best way to interpret Scripture is allowing Scripture to speak for itself.
DVD 1: A History of Interpretation
DVD 2: Toward an Evagelical Hermeneutic
This classroom-style, instructional DVD is designed to help Christians understand what they believe and why. It is part of a ten part series called Bibliology and Hermeneutics that is available through The Theology Program from
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