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April 2013 Pastor's Conference in Kenya, Africa

In April of 2013, went to Kenya, Africa to do two pastor's conferences. At these conferences we taught the discipleship process called M1, developed within the organization. In many places around the world people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and instantly devote their lives to spreading the good news of the Gospel. These people become pastors in their areas, usually without any seminary training, and sometimes even without any formal advanced education. M1 helps them by providing an outline to follow to help them have conversation with their congregations. The outline provides topics and suggestions on how to walk someone from faith to making disciples by using plain, everyday words.

In addition to teaching M1, handed out what we call pastors' DVD’s to every pastor who came to the conference. These DVD’s contain 250 books that include everything from commentaries to full translations of the Bible, with notes. These DVD’s can make any pastor’s laptop or computer become a full resource library.

Our first conference was in Eldoret, Kenya, where we were hoping for at least 100 pastors to attend. Once we started the presentation, there were 120 pastors packed in the room. Our host told us that they never saw so many pastors willing to take time away from their own ministry, sit so intently, and take notes. Afterwards, we were told how wonderful the program was and how easy the process was to follow. Many pastors told us that they were going to start using M1 as a training process for other pastors with whom they work.

Packed House in Eldoret

We Had to Add Extra Tables for the Overflow of Pastors

Group Shot of the Edloret Pastors

Our second conference was in Kijabe, Kenya, at Moffat Bible College. Once again we were hoping to have 100 pastors for the conference. Once we got underway, we counted 138 pastors.  Some of the staff from the college even sat and listened to the conference. Many pastors told us how much they loved the M1 material, with one youth pastor telling us that he was going to start his youth group on M1 that following Sunday.  The Bible college even told us that once they finished the current program they were using for their Friday afternoon Bible studies they were going to start their students on M1 too.

A Lot of Pastors in a Very Small Space in Kijabe

Everyone One Listening Very Closely

Group Shot at the Moffat Bible College in Kijabe

At both conferences we handed out the Pastor's DVD and did a demo on how to use and the NET Bible online study tool. You would have thought we handed them bricks of gold.  Each pastor came to us after the conferences and thanked us or shook our hands.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Bonface Simani of the Bread of Life Christian Ministries for being our tour guide and persoanlly taking care of us for the 6 days that we were in Kenya. This is one amazing man with a vision and a heart for God

The conferences were very rewarding to us in many ways. We made new friends and have so many more to pray for. More information on the M1 process will be on our site later this year.

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