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Question & Answers:

Often the word "cult" is used to refer negatively to certain modern Christian sects. Its use implies that these groups are misguided, unacceptable, or even evil. Could you define this word so that we can all be on the same page as to the meaning?
Are the origins of the unity candle used in marriage ceremonies pagan? If so, should we continue to use it?
I have friends who are Seventh Day Adventist and in the Unification Church. One believes in soul sleep and the other believes we can communicate with dead relatives. Are there any biblical passages to refute their beliefs?
In 1 Sam 19:9 the Lord sent an evil spirit on Saul. If God is good why did He send an evil spirit on people?
Why did God accept and allow Jepthath’s sacrifice of his daughter? (Judges 11:29)
In Acts, many who were into sorcery were converted. But Ex 22:18 and Lev 20:27 say that sorcers, etc. should be put to death. Are these passages in conflict?
Is the counseling technique called “Rapid Eye Technology” as a method of gaining spiritual insight Biblical?
Is Mormonism considered a “false teaching”?
I’m concerned for a few friends who are involved in Wicca. How should I go about talking to them about it?
Why did the spirit from God make Saul lay naked before Samuel?