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Q. Revelation 21 Seems To Be After The Millennium Where It Says There Will Be No Pain Or Tears. Yet Ryrie’s Notes Say Otherwise. If It Is During The Millennium How Will There Not Be Pain And Tears When The Devil Is Released To Deceive The Nations?Bob Deffinbaugh12/23/2022
Lesson 7: Unfulfilled PropheciesGregory Brown05/01/2021
Lesson 6: Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus and IsraelGregory Brown05/01/2021
Lesson 5: The Bible Is Unique In Its Prophetic NatureGregory Brown05/01/2021
Q. How should Christians Seek to Understand the Mysteries of Prophecy? (such as eating unclean animals in future destroyed Babylon)Bob Deffinbaugh02/01/2018
Lesson 14: Hope and Comfort in Christ’s Coming (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)Steven Cole11/04/2016
Lesson 13: God’s Prophetic Plan (Various Scriptures)Steven Cole10/28/2016
The Promise of the GospelDaniel Bennett11/20/2015
Lesson 142: Proclaiming Christ in All of Scripture, Part II (Luke 24:13-35)Daniel Bennett02/27/2015
Lesson 141: Proclaiming Christ in All of Scripture, Part I (Luke 24:13-35)Daniel Bennett02/27/2015
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Question & Answers:

Are prophets considered teachers?
Would a microchip inserted under a person’s skin be akin to receiving the mark of the beast?
Do Mat. 16:28 and Mark 9:1 discredit the second coming of Christ and the millennial kingdom?
Where did the term 'rapture' come from?
When do you think the rapture will happen?
How does the gift of prophecy fit with Hebrews 1:1 as it seems the role of prophets ended with the coming of Christ?
How does one support cessationism in light of Acts 2:17?
What is the difference between prophesying and preaching?
I heard that Hebrew language had no means of determining past, present, or future tense. Could the prophecies in the OT possibly refer to past and future events simultaneously?
Does Peter’s vision in Acts 10 correspond in some way to the account of Noah in Gen 6?
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