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Lesson 11: Endurance (2 Timothy 2:8-13)Steven Cole04/15/2013
Introduction to Genesis 11:24-13:18Bob Utley07/25/2012
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Question & Answers:

How do we know whether or not we've been chosen?
What is “irresistible grace”?
How should we pray for unbelievers since God sovereignly elects people?
If God chose me to be saved then ultimately I had no choice. Is this right?
Can you give me a little insight as to what Paul is trying to say in Romans 9:14-26?
Is The word “foreknowledge” In Acts 2:23 in the instrumental dative case? Does foreknowledge mean omniscience, or is it an attribute of God?
Is it necessary to pray people will respond to the gospel if God has determined they will?
Can we blame poor evangelism when people’s fail to believe in Christ?
If a Christian changes his mind and wants to go to hell, will God force him to be saved?
Is everyone or are only some “drawn” by the Holy Spirit?