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The ReformationSteven Cole10/27/2017
Roman Catholicism: Working Toward an Objective UnderstandingWilliam S. Farneman02/02/2009
Session 2: The Church and Israel: A defense of Replacement TheologyMichael Patton08/05/2005
Session 8 - The Doctrine of JustificationMichael Patton06/17/2005
Session 1 - Introduction and Ordo Salutis ("Order of Salvation")Michael Patton06/16/2005
Session 1 - Class Introduction and AuthorityMichael Patton06/10/2005
Session 2 - Sola ScripturaMichael Patton06/10/2005
5. The Nature of the Apostolic OfficeBrittany C. Burnette03/02/2005
3. The Christological School of InterpretationBrittany C. Burnette03/02/2005
Introduction to an Exegetical and Patristic Examination of Matthew 16:18Brittany C. Burnette03/02/2005
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Question & Answers:

Should Christians bestow special honor on Mary?
Should we worship Mary?
Can we pray to Mary?
Does the Bible say anything about Mary being ascended into heaven?
Did Mary have any children other than Jesus? If so, how can she be the eternal virgin?
Since the Roman Catholics profess to believe in Christ, does this mean that they are saved?
What are the historical origins of infant baptism?