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35. Healing of Malchus’ Ear Ear today and Gone tomorrow


A. Passage Selected: Luke 22:49-51

Although the other writers mention the event, Luke is the only one who records the miracle. (Matt 26:51; Mark 14:43f; John 18:10)

B. Progression Stated: Logical

C. Presentation Summarized:

1. Context

Will we see Malchus in heaven? Probably. How do we know his name is Malchus? John tells us 50 years later which might indicate that he was part of the early church.

This is the only external wound that Jesus heals.

2. Content
a. A quick thought 22:49

Shall we strike with the sword? The disciples wanted to defend Jesus and themselves. I’m sure they were confused by Jesus’ lack of defense or attempt to escape.

b. A quick temper 22:50

John 18:10 tells us that Peter is the one who strikes with his sword. Perhaps the others are asking and Peter is acting. Why don’t Matt, Mark and Luke mention Peter? John writes after the destruction of Jerusalem. The others wrote before. Maybe it would have caused harm to Peter.

Jesus had just told Peter that he would deny Him, but here we see Peter standing up for Jesus. Luke points out that it is just a piece of the right ear. Perhaps this shows us that by ourselves we can accomplish nothing - except to make matters worse.

c. A quick touch 22:51

Matt records that all those who live by the sword, die by the sword. If you think that is the way you will be protected, then you are wrong. Jesus tells Peter to put away the sword. It is part of the need of the suffering Messiah. He had the power to escape but the purpose to stay.


  • The Son of Man must suffer the cross. He could have escaped, but his purpose was to die. The arrest did not take Jesus by surprise. It was a part of the plan. There are several references to OT.


  • Zeal without knowledge can be disastrous.
  • Attention to the Lord’s instruction, keeps from being the Lord’s obstruction.
  • The Kingdom of God is not established by the sword.
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