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3. The Habits of the life

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"Widespread transformation of character through wisely disciplined discipleship to Christ can transform our world. It can disarm the structural evils that have always dominated humankind and now threathen to destroy the world."

Dallas Willard

Spiritual exercise works much like physical exercise. The theme that dominates this entire discussion of transformation is the necessity of training. Trying to be Godly without training can be just as injurious to the spirit as trying to run seven miles without proper training can be to the body. Disciples should stop trying to be godly and start practicing the disciplines that form a pathway to the heart of God and transform us into his likeness.  God has hard wired us to live by habit. When the habits of Jesus become part of his people, we will be able to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, as it needs to be done.

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