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[Introduction] Rekindle the Fire

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A personal note

For years I have wanted to write a Bible Study on the seven churches of Revelation. As I began to finally write this study, I soon realized what an overwhelming and challenging task I had taken on. The book of Revelation is filled with symbolism and information about the end times, which we don’t fully understand or even agree on. Yet, as difficult as this book is, there are many lessons for life in these seven letters that are relevant to us today, and we should pay close attention to what Jesus wanted to communicate through them. 

The study is titled, “Rekindle the Fire.” Most of these churches had strengths in certain areas, and yet were displeasing to God in other areas. Some had lost their passion and zeal for Christ. My prayer is that regardless of where you are in your relationship with the Lord today, that you would never become complacent and apathetic in that love relationship with Him; that you would always be rekindling the fire in your heart for Jesus Christ. I pray that our passion and zeal for Him would never flicker or die out. 

There is always a concern about writing a study that may become too academic. I pray that you would not just learn more head knowledge, but that as you spend time studying His Word, you would fall more in love with Jesus and long for the day when you will spend eternity with Him face to face.

In light of His imminent return, let us live lives that would please Him every day until He returns. Keep the fire going, and, if need be, rekindle the fire of your passion and love for Christ.


Rekindling the fire in my own life,

Crickett Keeth


How to make the most of this study

This study is designed to help you consistently spend time in God’s Word. Yes, you could probably do all the lessons in one sitting, but you will gain more from the study if you do it day by day, taking time to reflect on each day’s passage and main thought(s). It is important to ponder and meditate on Scripture, allowing God’s Spirit to speak to you and work in you through His Word.

Each week is divided into five days, and each day is divided into four sections. “Looking to God’s Word” and “Looking Upward” direct you to the Scripture for that day, guiding you through observation and interpretation questions. “Looking Deeper” is optional. It is for those who want to go further in their study of the lesson. It will direct you to other related passages to deepen your personal study. This section is not required and will not be discussed in your small group time unless the group as a whole decides to include them. However, if you have time to go deeper, this section can enhance your personal study. “Looking Reflectively” is designed for application and reflection on the lesson. Each day I have given a “nugget” on which you can meditate throughout the day. This area of the study is designed to take the head knowledge and make it heart knowledge.

The Word of God changes lives. I pray that each of us will see life change as a result of His Word working in us.

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