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We have made some changes to the look of our site.  We did this to try and bring you more useful information at your finger tips.

We broke this overview into sections. The top of each section shows our old site and the bottom shows our new site.  This will give you a side by side idea of what changed.

Top Section of the site

Middle Section of the site

Bottom Section of the site

Our Top Section

Our Old Site

  • You will notice that our main menu bar has changed. We split it into two sections. The top section allows you to visit the other sites of such as our blogs, the NET Bible or the store. The bottom section we now call "Studies By"  We selected the items which we felt were most important when you are studying. You can also use this to find articles faster.
  • Our recent content has moved. (See below)
  • Our search box is colored so you can find it faster and you can either search the site or you can search the NET Bible.
  • We also added a new feature. The NET Bible menu box. It allows you to find part of the NET Bible faster.
  • We also added a new box just for information about and a larger graphic section.

Our New Site

Our Middle Section

Our Old Site

  • Our middle section housed our current news ( from the top section) our Login, a section on About which is now in the top section and the Net Bible menu, which is now also in the top section.
  • Now our middle section contains the four recent content tabs but now displayed you can can see all four at once.
  • It also contains full views of our Study Helps and Sections and Communities list. So you can find your way through our site faster.
  • You will also find the login, which hasnt changed that much, and some more areas for graphics and surveys

Our New Site

Our Bottom Section

Our Old Site

  • Our old site had a section about us and the report a problem link
  • The new site has these same two features and then we added our mission statement and an greater in depth dash board of all our web sites.

Our New Site


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