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Here's a list of different servers/sections that make up the family of sites


1. The Top Toolbar

   The Top toolbar contains links to ll the sites within the world. You can get to any of our sites from, any of our sites. All of our sites have this tool bar at the top. 

Also if you click the expand button on the right you will find a list of most popular places to visit on our most popular sites.

We have taken the old LIst Articles By: drop down and made a new The Studies by: line so you do not have to use the drop down menu.  (as on right)

This new Studies by line (see red arrow below) allows you to find any of our articles or studies by any author, date or any of the other  items listed on this line. You can even find material by topic.

2. The Search Box

When you enter a search term you can either Search the "Site" or you can search the NET "Bible"

3. Report a problem

Dont be shy. Did you see something that was not correct? Fail to find something where you thought it should be? Website give you an error or a sorry cant find what your looking for error?

On the bottom right side, right inside the big gray box at the bottom of the page you will see Report a Problem/Suggestion

Dont be afraid to leave some detail in the report.

4. Viewing Greek and Hebrew in documents:

  1. to see if you have the fonts needed to view greek and hebrew. Go to the NETBible study tool
  2. Then Go to the Fonts link on the top bar you will see a table of fonts in the format as shown...
  3. #1-Font Name #2-Your machine produced these

    #3-Picture of what the font should look like

  4. If your fonts are not identical you need to download and install additional  Fonts: