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Hazards of Being a Man

Hazard: n. Danger
This term evolved from the Arabic "al zahr" which means "the dice." In Western Europe the term came to be associated with a number of games using dice, and eventually took on the connotation of danger because games using dice were associated with the risky business of gambling and sometimes involved corrupted dice.


Make Your Life Hazard Proof
Hazards of Being a Man (Baker Books, 2007) is a book for men about men. Pastor Jeff Miller examines certain struggles that are as common among men today as they were among the men in the Bible. Men need to know that they serve as part of a fraternity. We need to know that other men share our struggles. We are not alone in this battle, and there is hope for overcoming these shared pitfalls. Hazards provides the opportunity to learn from others' mistakes rather than making our own. Best wishes as you strive to be a model for how to live, instead of a warning for how not to. Secret to Success: As a man, I have to swallow my pride before I can admit that I'm wrong--that's when my life begins to change for the better. Advice for Men: We all know you're imperfect, just like the rest of us. Don't try to hide it.


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