All the Stories of the Bible

This is a five book series that presents all the stories of the Bible, written in an easy to understand conversational style. Each story is presented in its simplest form and is accurate to Scripture.

* The stories are accurate to Scripture

* They are crafted so as to present only the simple understanding of the story.

* Small stories are grouped together with other events.

* Larger stories are broken into two or three units.

* Duplicate stores are blended so they only appear once.

* The stories are crafted into a "spoken" (conversational) style.

* A warning icon is placed on stories that may not be acceptable to children.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic change in how people approach learning. It is now clear they respond to a different type of teaching. Analytical logic no longer dominates teaching/learning. One aspect of this change is that people respond positively to listening and learning stories. It must be a part of the Christian educational process for adults as well as children.

Another major difference in our society is how few Bible stories people know. Bible stories were not emphasized in their homes. As children, they attended children’s programs where teachers were not taught how to tell Bible stories accurately and in an interesting way. As adults, they sat through sermons that only referred to Bible stories without telling them. Pastors simply said, “And of course, we know that story.” 

BibleTelling is the rebirth of an old method of teaching the Bible. 75% of the Bible was written in a story format. 15% was written in some form of poetry. The goal of BibleTelling is to restore Bible stories to their proper place in Christian ministry.

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 1: Beginnings (Stories 1-52)

These stories go from Creation to the Death of Moses. After the events of the ancient world, the main emphasis is on Abraham and Moses. Abraham and his family form the beginning of God’s new nation. Moses develops this nation and gives it an official start.

List of stories
1. Creation 27. Sold into Slavery 
2. Adam and Eve 28. Judah 
3. Fall  29. Joseph’s Rise to Power 
4. Cain and Abel  30. Joseph’s Family Reunion 
5. The Flood  31. The Birth of Moses 
6. World after the Flood 32. Finding a Wife 
7. Call of Abraham  33. Call of Moses 
8. Melchizedek  34. Zipporah
9. The God Who Sees Me  35. Straw for Bricks
10. Promise of Isaac  36. Pharaoh’s Plagues
11. Bargaining with God  37. The Passover 
12. Sodom and Gomorrah 38. Crossing the Red Sea
13. She's My Sister 39. What Is It?
14. God Hears 40. The Lord My Banner 
15. Trial of Abraham 41. The Law 
16. Beer-Sheba 42. The Golden Calf 
17. Rebekah 43. The Tabernacle  
18. Selling the Birthright 44. Unholy Fire
19. She’s My Sister II  45. Graves of the Craving 
20. Well Digger  46. Spitting in Her Face 
21. Stolen Blessing   47. Twelve Spies 
22. Jacob’s Two Wives   48. Korah’s Rebellion 
23. Speckled Spotted & Streaked 49. Speak to the Rock 
24. Leaving Laban  50. Balaam’s Donkey 
25. Two Camps 51. Balaam’s Prophecy 
26. Dinah  52. The Death of Moses

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 2: Building a Nation (Stories 53-113)

These stories go from Joshua to the Death of David. It starts with the exciting events surrounding Joshua and all the Judges. God then gives Samuel the job of introducing the kingdom. After the failure of king Saul, David builds the kingdom to world dominance.

List of stories
53. Rahab 84 Annointing of Daid
54. Crossing Jordan 85 Goliath
55. Jericho 86. David Earns a Wife
56. Achan 87. Protecting David
57. Sun Standing Still 88. Three Arrows
58. Joshua's Farewell 89. Running from Saul
59. Job's Three Friends 90 Sparing Saul's Life
60. Othniel & Ehud 91. Abigail
61. Deborah & Barak 92. Sparing God's Anointed
62. Gideon's Fleece 93. Staying by the Stuff
63. Three Hundred Men 94. The Witch of Endor
64. King of Trees 95. Death of Saul & Jonathan
65. Jephthah's Vow 96. Joab & Abner
66. The Birth of Samson 97. David Made King
67. Strong & Sweet 98. David's Mighty Men
68. Foxes and a Jawbone 99. Moving the Ark
69. Samson & Delilah 100. Building an Empire
70. Grandson of Moses 101. Ammonites
71. Prelude to War 102. Bathsheba
72. Brides for Benjamin 103. Nathan's Story
73. Naomi & Ruth 104. Tamar
74. Boaz & Ruth 105. Absalom's Return
75. The Call of Samuel 106. Absalom's Revolt
76. Ark of God Captured 107. Absalom's Defeat
77. Ark of God Returned 108. David's Kingdom Restored
78. Ebenezer 109. Wise Woman of Abel
79. Saul Made King 110. Ethnic Cleansing
80. Peace for an Eye 111. Numbering of the People
81. Failing the Test 112. Transfer of Power
82. Jonathan's Victory 113. Death of David & Joab
83. Saul's Disobedience  

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 3: Path Down to Captivity (Stories 114-161)

This set of stories has a great beginning, but goes down to the destruction of all that Israel values. There are four main parts, the glory of Solomon, the two kingdoms going deeper into sin, the great prophets of Israel, and people going into captivity.

List of stories
 114. Wisdom of Solomon  138. Elisha Crying
 115. Building the Temple  139. Jehu
 116. Queen of Sheba  140. Jezebel
 117. Kingdom Divided  141. Athaliah
 118. Jeroboam's Sin  142. Joash
 119. The Old Prophet  143. Death of Elisha
 120. Rehoboam & Jeroboam  144. Jonah & the Fish
 121. Abijah & Asa  145. Jonah & the Vine
 122. Elijah and the Widow  146. Thistle & the Cedar
 123. Elijah on Mount Carmel  147. Uzziah
 124. Elijah on Mt Horeb  148. Ahaz
 125. The Wounded Prophet  149. Israel in Captivity
 126. Naboth's Vineyard  150. Hezekiah
 127. Jehoshaphat & Ahab  151. King of Assyria
 128. Jehoshaphat's Victory  152. Fifteen Years
 129. Captain of 50  153. Evil King Who Repented
 130. Elijah in the Whirlwind  154. A Book is Found
 131. Ditches of Water  155. Josiah's Reforms
 132. Oil, Stew, Bread, and an Ax  156. Broken Pot
 133. Shunammite Woman  157. Burning the Book
 134. Naaman  158. Two Baskets of Figs
 135. Gehazi  159 Jerusalem Under Siege
 136. Blind Soldiers  160.  A Well of Mud
 137. Four Lepers  161. Going to Egypt

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 4: Beauty From Ashes (Stories 162-219)

This set of stories starts with Judah in captivity and ends with Messiah ascending into heaven. It includes all the stories in the life of Christ.

List of stories
162. Valley of Dry Bones 191. Calming Two Storms
163. Daniel's Decision 192. Twelve Years
164. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream 193. Pool of Bethesda
165. Furnace Full of Fire 194. John Beheaded
166. Becoming a Wild Animal 195. Meal & a Walk
167. Handwriting on the Wall 196. Bread of Life
168. Den of Lions 197. Feeding 4,000
169. Rebuilding the Temple 198. Caught in Immorality
170. Ezra 199 Man Born Blind
171. Rebuilding the Walls 200. Transfiguration
172. Esther Becomes Queen 201. Paying Temple Tax
173. Esther Saves Her People 202. Rich Man and Lazarus
174. Gabriel's Announcement 203. Seventy Times Seven
175. The Birth of Jesus 204. Good Samaritan
176. Gifts for the King 205. Lost Sheep, Coin, & Son
177. Twelve Years Old 206. Lepers, Judge, & Pride
178. Baptism & Temptation 207. Raising Lazarus
179. Water to Wine 208. The Great, the Rich, & the Poor
180. New Birth 209. Triumphal Entry
181. Woman at the Well 210. Last Week of Ministry
182. Rejected in Nazareth 211. The Last Supper
183. Fishing for People 212. Gethsemane
184. Sermon on the Mount 213. Trial Before Jews
185. Forgiving Sins 214. Trial Before Romans
186. Calling the Twelve 215. Crucifixion
187. A Roman and a Funeral 216. Resurrection.
188. Forgiven and Grateful 217. Road to Emmaus
189. Four Soils 218. Winning Back Two Disciples
190. Teaching with Stories 219. Commission, Ascension & Waiting

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 5: Work of the Holy Spirit (Stories 220-255)

These stories basically surround the Book of Acts. It gives all the stories of Acts, but also includes the epistles written during the time frame of the Book of Acts. It ends with the last two chapters of Revelation.

List of stories
220. Coming of the Holy Spirit 248. 2nd Letter to Thessalonians
221. Crippled Man Healed 239. Mob in Corinth
222. Ananias & Sapphira 240. Riot at Ephesus
223. Apostles and Deacons 241. 1st Letter to Corinthians (1)
224. First Christian Martyr 242. 1st Letter to Corinthians (2)
225. Ministry of Philip 243. 2nd Letter to Corinthians (1)
226. Conversion of Saul 244. 2nd Letter to Corinthians (2)
227. Healing of Dorcas 245. Letter to Romans (1)
228. Cornelius, 1st Gentile 246. Letter to Romans (2)
229. Christians at Antioch 247. Going to Jerusalem
230. Jail Break 248. Riot in Jerusalem
231. First Missionary Journey 249. Plot to Kill
232. From Worship to Stoning 250. Felix, Festus, & Agrippa
233. Keeping Jewish Laws 251. Storm at Sea
234. Letter to the Galatians 252. Shipwreck & Rome
235. Singing in Jail 253. Philemon
236. Riots and Laughter 254. New Heaven & New Earth
237. 1st Letter to Thessalonians 255. New Jerusalem

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