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When selling a home the idea is to appeal to as many people as possible. Religious, political or art of a sexual nature are never a real good idea when showing a home. The country breaks down to be mostly Christian but the real purpose of showing a home for sale is to eliminate anything that could through anyone off the focus on the home itself. This is why we use beige carpet or hardwood floors. They are neutral and can mix and match with anything. Meanwhile beautiful green carpet can put off a buyer even if green is their favorite color. Their furniture has to match and their significant others taste has to be in line with the green carpet. This creates an unneeded obstacle that regardless of meaning to the owner of the home can distract from the ultimate purpose of allowing people into the home to begin with. People need to project themselves into a home. This is best done in the most unobstructed way possible. There is no need for personal beliefs or feelings to get in the way of potential buyer in order to distract them from the projection process. We all know that our faith is important to us but it may contradict the feelings or faith of the next person that doesn’t really walk into our home, they walk into a home we are selling. In our home we have a four foot tall antique painting of Saint Jude who was my grandmothers favorite Saint. We removed it from the wall in order to remove the distraction. We left up several crosses as they were less imposing. The house sold to the first couple that walked in. we will never know if the painting of Saint Jude would have made a difference but we do know that the buyers were not distracted and the transaction went smoothly. Saint Jude is back up in our new home and he is very happy there as are we.