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Once you have used acrylic nails or have trimmed and filed your original nails properly, the next step is to polish your nails with a nice color which are available on myntra website and you can avail discounts by making use of myntra coupons. Light shades like pink, white or transparent are best suited for coating your nails entirely. After you finishing coating your nails with neutral color, the next step is to make your own designs on the nails using a nail brush which is a rectangular brush with short and strong bristles in it. If you are not good at drawing designs then you can use a toothpick or bobby pin for making designs on your nails. If your designs become improper, then use cotton poured in acetone to remove the mark of this inappropriate design on your nails completely. You can get so many designs of nail art from internet. This will help you giving good designs to your nails. While all the nail art and designs start with simple color application, you can give the glittery look to your nails by using sparkles or glitters on them. You can find these glitters easily in any of the cosmetic shop. If you want to return anything after buying from myntra then go through its shipping policy Besides all these, you can use stickers or stick-on to jazz up your nails. These tiny stickers are easily available and can easily give good designs and appealing look to your nails. Getting the nail art done is not the only thing; you should take extra care of your nails to maintain such gorgeous designs of your nails. It is better to apply a protective nail coat every two or three days to let your nails look beautiful always.