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Jeffrey Volkmer

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Professor Volkmer loves to incite a passion in others for God's Word, especially from the Old Testament. He has served extensively in pastoral ministry all over the country and brings his pastor's heart into the classroom to help his students fall deeper in love with Christ. His academic specialties include the application of the methods of language and computer technology to the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible in light of the Syriac and Aramaic versions as well as their potential to inform Biblical exegesis and interpretation. He also participates in the Turgama project of the Werkgroep Informatica in The Netherlands contributing to their aim to map the language and text-history of the Peshitta and Classical Syriac. Professor Volkmer is finishing up his doctorate at Oxford University where he is writing his dissertation on the Peshitta Psalter and has written various book reviews, contributions to textbooks, and academic as well as pastoral articles. He is married to Jessica and has two children, Grace and John, and is an avid road cyclist in his spare time.