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Question & Answers:

How does the Greek verb in Acts 13:48 either support or refute predestination?
Why doesn't the translation of the genitive in Mark 11:22 use the word of? How is theology used to translate this verse?
How was handling the boiling pot of meat with a three-prong fork (1 Sam 2:12-17) part of the priestly duties as set out in Leviticus?
Who are the captives in Ephesians 4:8?
In a song or psalm what does the word "selah" mean?
What would the term "Son of God" have meant to a 1st Century, pious Jew?
What does the Greek word "tetelestai" mean?
How and when was the Bible divided into chapters and verses?
Will you explain what ‘expository preaching’ involves?
What does the Bible mean when it says Christ descended into hell?
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