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Q. Has God Been Seen Or Not? And, Is Soul Sleep True?Bob Deffinbaugh03/30/2024
9. Typology of ChristGregory Brown10/05/2021
8. Evidence for Christ’s Deity: Prophecy and MiraclesGregory Brown10/05/2021
7. Evidence for Christ’s Deity: His Teaching and the ResurrectionKevin Dodge10/05/2021
6. Christ’s AscensionGregory Brown10/05/2021
5. Christ’s ResurrectionGregory Brown10/05/2021
4. Christ’s DeathGregory Brown10/04/2021
3. Christ’s Sinless LifeGregory Brown10/04/2021
2. Christ’s HumanityGregory Brown10/04/2021
1. Christ’s Preexistence and DeityGregory Brown10/04/2021
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Question & Answers:

How did John know what Jesus prayed in John 17, if Jesus prayed alone?
Could the "Q" manuscript that Gospel writers used have a different theology than the Gospels themselves?
Can you clear up the alleged contradiction between the passages in which Jesus said He would not drink the fruit of the vine until the kingdom and the tasting of sour wine on the cross?
I have taught that the definite articles in John 14:6, "...the way, the truth and the life..." constituted "one of a kind" or "unique" articles. However, John 14:6 is not as an example of this use in your grammar. What kind of articles are they?
In Hebrews 1:3, by WHOSE Power does Christ uphold all things? His OWN or Father's? How strong of a case can be made that Christ upholds ALL things by His Father's powerfull word?
What would the term "Son of God" have meant to a 1st Century, pious Jew?
Was Jesus God?
Why isn’t there any record of Jesus’ life between the ages of 13-30?
Were the miracles Jesus performed a demonstration of His humanity or deity?
Why did Jesus preach only to the Jews? Was he a failure because they rejected Him?
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