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9. Malachi: Blind to HypocrisyKay Daigle04/29/2022
8. Haggai and Zechariah: God is KingKay Daigle04/29/2022
7. Obadiah and Joel: The Day of the LORDKay Daigle04/29/2022
6. Zephaniah: God the Sovereign JudgeKay Daigle04/29/2022
5. Nahum and Habakkuk: The God who Acts in JudgmentKay Daigle04/29/2022
4. Micah: The God of both Justice and MercyKay Daigle04/29/2022
3. Hosea: The God of Unconditional LoveKay Daigle04/29/2022
2. Amos: The God of Justice Kay Daigle04/29/2022
1. Jonah: God’s Mercy to the NationsKay Daigle04/29/2022
An Anchor For The Soul: A Journaling Study Of The Minor ProphetsKay Daigle04/29/2022
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