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Thinking Biblically About the COVID-19 PandemicBob Deffinbaugh04/28/2020
The Value Of Good AdviceRichard D. Patterson11/14/2018
The Source Of True WisdomRichard D. Patterson02/02/2018
18. Living a Life of Wisdom Instead of FoolishnessGregory Brown05/30/2017
Lesson 77: The Possibility and Practice of Discernment (Luke 12:54-59)Daniel Bennett02/16/2015
Spending The Days Of Your LifeSteven Cole10/03/2013
Looking Back From 60Steven Cole10/02/2013
The Inefficiency Of GodSteven Cole10/02/2013
Christmas [1995]: How To Be A Wise Man—Or Woman (Matthew 2:1-12)Steven Cole09/17/2013
Lesson 1: God’s Wisdom For Families (Ephesians 5:15-16)Steven Cole09/12/2013
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