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Date Title Name
2004-07-09 Expenditure Authorization Schedule admin
2004-07-09 Facilities Commission admin
2004-07-09 Books on Prayer - An Annotated Bibliography Robert Hill
2004-07-09 Job Description: Secretary/Office Manager admin
2004-07-09 A Collection Of Poems To Stir The Heart Of The Believer To Prayer Robert Hill
2004-07-09 Sample Request for Building Use admin
2004-07-09 Teachers of Prayer Fellowship Membership List Robert Hill
2004-07-09 By-Laws admin
2004-07-09 Worship Commission admin
2004-07-09 Christian Education Commission admin
2004-07-09 Constitution admin
2004-07-09 Discipleship/Evangelism Commission admin
2004-07-09 Sample Facilities Policies & Guidelines admin
2004-07-09 Employment Policy admin
2004-07-09 Sample Set-Up & Clean-Up Guidelines admin
2004-07-09 Sample Building Use Form admin
2004-07-07 The New Testament and Greco-Roman Mystery Religions Greg Herrick
2004-07-07 Fostering Participation in the Adult Learning Process Greg Herrick
2004-07-07 4. Why So Many Versions? Daniel B. Wallace
2004-07-07 Josephus’ Writings and Their Relation to the New Testament Greg Herrick
2004-07-07 A Study Outline of Acts Greg Herrick
2004-07-07 Revisiting the Colwell Construction in Light of Mass/Count Nouns Donald Hartley
2004-07-07 Romans 1:1-17: The Introduction, Salutation, and Theme of Paul’s Letter to the Romans Greg Herrick
2004-07-07 The Relationship of Behaviorism, Neo-Behaviorism and Cognitivism to an Evangelical Bibliology Greg Herrick
2004-07-06 John Mark in Acts: A New Testament Jonah? Greg Herrick
2004-07-06 The Book of Nahum Greg Herrick
2004-07-06 Acts 13:13-41: Paul's Sermon in Pisidian Antioch— The Realization of Long Awaited Davidic Hope Greg Herrick
2004-07-06 The Conversion of the Samaritans in Acts 8:14-17 and the Unified Progress of the Gospel in the Book of Acts Greg Herrick
2004-07-04 Conceptions of Davidic Hope in the Greek Psalter and Apocrypha Greg Herrick
2004-07-04 The Use of Psalm 16:8-11 in Acts 2:25-28 Greg Herrick
2004-07-02 The Proverbs and the Idea of “Money” Greg Herrick
2004-07-02 The Theology of Ecclesiastes M. James Sawyer
2004-07-02 The Teaching of Proverbs on Work Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 4. Conceptions of Davidic Hope in Psalms 2, 45, and 72 Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 5. Conceptions of Davidic Hope in Psalms 89, 110, and 132 Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 6. Conceptions of Davidic Hope in Ezekiel, Zechariah, Haggai, and the Chronicles Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 The Letter to the Colossians Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 Loving the Giver not Just the Gifts Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 Airplanes, Storms, and God's Blue Sky Greg Herrick
2004-07-01 Your Own Personal "Heart-Guard" Greg Herrick