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Date Title Name
2008-06-13 The Lord's Table and the Meeting of the Church Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-06-12 Baptism Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-06-12 The Day of Atonement Tom Wright
2008-06-05 Zedekiah: King of Blindness (part 18) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-27 Josiah: King of Sacred Truth (part 16) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-21 Manasseh: King of Second Chances (part 15) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-14 Hezekiah: King of Transformation (part 14) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-12 Ahaz: King of Idolatry (part 13) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-08 Leaders - A Gift from Mothers Bill Lawrence
2008-05-08 Jotham: King of Simplicity (part 12) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-06 Uzziah: King of Boundaries (part 11) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-05-02 Amaziah: King of Pride (part 10) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-04-15 Rock, Sand, Formulas Bill Lawrence
2008-04-10 The Dreaded D. D. Bill Lawrence
2008-04-07 Pursuing Grace Jonah 1:7-17 Bill Lawrence
2008-04-07 Who’s in Charge Here? Leadership in the New Testament Church Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-04-04 The Heart of a New Testament Church Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-04-03 Unwanted Grace Jonah 1:1-3 Bill Lawrence
2008-04-03 Are There Barnacles on the Bottom of our Boat? Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-04-02 Stormology 101: From Theory to Trust through Life's Storms Mark 4:35-41 Bill Lawrence
2008-04-01 The Meaning of the Resurrection Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-03-31 Does God Care How We Do Church? Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-03-26 How Do Good People Disagree on How to Do Church? Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-03-25 The Relationship of the Church to Israel Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-03-24 What Makes the Church So Special? Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-03-18 Taking Up the Cross: Discipleship in the Early Church (Luke 9:23-26) Brian Gross
2008-03-11 Joash: King of Hypocrisy (part 9) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-03-06 Athaliah: Queen of Insignificance (part 8) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-03-06 Jesus the Son, Superior to Angels: Hebrews 1:5-14 Michael H. Burer
2008-03-06 The Prologue: Hebrews 1:1–4 Michael H. Burer
2008-03-05 The Book of Hebrews: Introduction (Part 1) Michael H. Burer
2008-03-04 Ahaziah: King of Easy Influence (part 7) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-02-04 Jehoram: King of Consequences (part 6) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-01-29 Jehoshaphat: King of Good Judgment (part 5) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-01-24 Asa: King of Self-Reliance (part 4) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-01-21 Choosing Busyness over Balance (Lesson 12) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-01-16 Choosing Criticism over Contentment (Lesson 11) Jeffrey E. Miller
2008-01-15 Spiritual Gifts: What Does the Future Hold? (Lesson 16) Bob Deffinbaugh
2008-01-04 Spiritual Gifts: What Every Christian Needs to Know and Do about Spiritual Gifts (Lesson 15) Bob Deffinbaugh
2007-12-17 Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts in the Meeting of the Church (Lesson 14) Bob Deffinbaugh