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Administrative and Organization

Date Title Name
2009-12-22 6. Preschool Teacher (Volunteer) Job Description Lisa Goodyear
2009-12-22 5. Nursery Teacher (Volunteer) Job Description Lisa Goodyear
2009-12-17 Childrens' Ministry Job Descriptions - Samples Lisa Goodyear
2009-02-02 Leadership Qualities Kenneth Boa
2008-05-02 Sample Church Discipline Announcement/Letter (unbiblical divorce) admin
2008-05-02 Sample Church Discipline Letter to Individual (unbiblical divorce) admin
2006-09-07 Retreats: First Things First Sue Edwards
2004-08-24 8. First Letter And Forms Sent To Couple for Pre-Marriage admin
2004-08-24 7. Forms and Checklists for Pre-Marriage Counseling And/Or Wedding admin
2004-08-24 9. Second Letter And Forms Sent To Couple for Pre-Marriage admin
2004-08-24 Pastor's Policy Statement For Weddings admin
2004-07-10 Baby Dedication Ted Weis
2004-07-09 Sample Facilities Policies & Guidelines admin
2004-07-09 Sample Request for Building Use admin
2004-07-09 Facilities Commission admin
2004-07-09 Expenditure Authorization Schedule admin
2004-07-09 Employment Policy admin
2004-07-09 Discipleship/Evangelism Commission admin
2004-07-09 Deaconate admin
2004-07-09 Constitution admin
2004-07-09 Biblical Principles Concerning Contributions to the Church admin
2004-07-09 By-Laws admin
2004-07-09 Sample Set-Up & Clean-Up Guidelines admin
2004-07-09 Sample Building Use Form admin
2004-07-09 Worship Commission admin
2004-07-09 Questionnaire for Pastoral Candidate admin
2004-07-09 Some Thoughts and Questions on the Pastoral Search Process Bob Deffinbaugh
2004-07-09 Pastoral Application admin
2004-07-09 Missionary Retirement Policy admin
2004-07-09 Missions Commission admin
2004-07-09 Job Description: Secretary/Office Manager admin
2004-07-09 Job Description: Secretary/Office Manager admin
2004-05-27 A Biblical Philosophy of Ministry J. Hampton Keat...
2004-05-27 Deacons and the Leadership of the Church Daniel B. Wallace
2004-05-26 Qualifications for the Evaluation of Elders and Deacons J. Hampton Keat...
2001-10-03 I was wondering if you could guide me to a paper or other resources concerning "Ordination of Pastors." admin
2001-01-01 What’s the difference in tithes and offerings, and how should churches collect money? admin