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18. Zedekiah: King of Blindness

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This is the eighteenth audio message for the Heroes & Villains Series.


Zedekiah is a runaway train who doesn’t see that the end of the track is fast approaching. He must be aware of the severity of his sins, but he must be blind to the consequences awaiting him. As if he were living in denial about the reality of God and the threat of a powerful enemy nation, he continues to break God’s law and enrage his enemies. He ultimately pays for it dearly. The nation suffers, the temple is burned, the city is destroyed and left defenseless, and the survivors in Judah are exiled to Babylon. As for Zedekiah himself? His sons are murdered before his eyes just moments before those same eyes are physically removed. The last king of Judah failed miserably. But God raises up another king from a foreign nation who seeks to restore Judah and rebuild the temple—and so the book ends with a glimmer of hope . .
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