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9. What Are You Thinking? (Parable of the Shrewd Manager)

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This is an audio sermon on the parable of Shrewd Manager.


My wife and I have bought two houses over the course of our marriage.

Although we dabbled on the internet and drove around desirable neighborhoods, I'm convinced that we never would have found the wonderful homes we've lived in apart from two central ingredients: Prayer and a good real estate agent. Looking back on both processes, we can clearly see the faithful hand of God and the trustworthy skills of our experienced realtor.

I've never been a realtor myself, but I have to think there's something powerfully rewarding about placing families in their homes. And if the realtor does his job well, the families may invite him into their homes to celebrate once the deal is sealed!

Has it ever occurred to you that Christians are in the heavenly real estate business? One of our jobs during this earthly journey is to place people in heavenly homes. It's not always easy. In fact, Jesus tells us that we must be down-right shrewd. But if we use our heads along with our hearts, we may be invited into those heavenly homes one day to celebrate!

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