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7. What Are You Afraid Of? (Parable of the Pounds [Ten Minas])

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This is an audio sermon on the parable of the Pounds (Ten Minas).


In the Parable of the Pounds, a nobleman’s servants are entrusted with one mina each—currency equivalent to about three month’s wages. The nobleman departs to receive a kingdom and a crown. He returns to his own country a king, only to discover that some of his servants were faithful with the money while he was traveling, and at least one of them was unfaithful. He had not misplaced the money, but had foolishly refused to invest it for a profit. The king rebukes him as a wicked slave. The unfaithful servant’s only response: I was afraid.

You and I have been entrusted with our own minas and asked to invest them while our King is on a journey. But many of us have hidden our gifts instead of investing them. We have proven ourselves fearful, not faithful. In doing so, we miss the very vocation and purpose of our lives. What are we afraid of?

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