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4. Supplication

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For many of us, prayer means asking or wishing for something. The A-C-T-S model of prayer reminds us that we can (and should) talk with God about much more than just our wants and needs. Still, there is nothing inappropriate about petitioning our Father, and He promises to give good gifts to His children. Supplication is the asking part of prayer. It’s the time we spend trusting the Lord to provide something for us or someone we love. After all, we have not because we ask not. Our petitions and prayer requests can range from the spiritual to the physical, from needs to wants. And He will answer our prayers according to His will—which is why the “S” comes at the end of “A-C-T-S.” We are much more likely to pray according to God’s will after we have adored Him, confessed our sins, and given thanks.

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