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Session 7 - Proving Inspiration: An Apologetic Defense of Scripture

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Session Overview

How can we know that the Scriptures alone are inspired? What about other religions? Don't they have books that claim to be inspired? Is there any way to verify that God wrote the Bible? Important questions that most Christians are not prepared to answer. Most would just give an honest but insufficient answer, I believe because the Holy Spirit convicts me to believe. Upon completion of this session, the student will have been exposed to a strong logical defense for the evangelical understanding that the Christian Scriptures alone are the word of God. The student should become more confident in his or her claim that the Scriptures are indeed inspired through discussion about the various tests that the Scriptures must pass before a claim to inspiration can be trusted. Much attention will be given to a defense of the historicity of Scripture, using the resurrection of Christ as a test case. As well, students should become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the subjective arguments for inspiration such as “the testimony of the Holy Spirit,” since all religions can and do claim these for their writings.

Session Reading (for self-study students)

  • “Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy” (Appendix 1 in the Student notes)
  • Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 90-104


Related Topics: Apologetics, Inspiration

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