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Session 10 - Toward an Evangelical Hermeneutic

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Session Overview

How should we interpret Scripture? What is the correct method? Are there common mistakes that we should avoid? During this session we will complete the history of interpretation, bringing the student to a better understanding of the evangelical method of hermeneutics. The student should leave with a firm conviction that the best way to interpret Scripture is allowing the text to speak for itself, not reading into the text what we want it to say or think it ought to say. The student will learn nine basic principles for interpretation and six common interpretive fallacies that people often commit. By the end of the lesson, the student should appreciate the foundation that the Reformers laid with regards to how the Bible is to be read and understood.

Session Reading (for self-study students)

  • None

Session Assignments (for self-study students)

  • Case study 2 (to be posted in forum)
  • Quiz 2


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