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1. Satan's Origin

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Any military officer will affirm that it is wise and often imperative to study the history, character, strategies, and capabilities of one’s enemy before engaging them in battle. Sadly, most Christians are over-informed about the armor of God and spiritual warfare, and ill-informed about the enemy himself. This series on Satan is designed to answer such questions as:

  • What was Satan like before he became evil?
  • Who was Lucifer and what does “Lucifer” mean?
  • How did Lucifer become Satan? What was Satan’s sin?
  • When did Satan sin?
  • Has Satan been defeated?
  • Do demons exist?
  • What does the future hold for Satan?
  • Where does the Bible teach these things?

In addition to our Sunday study, I would also suggest that you pick up a copy of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. This insightful, 150-page book will help you understand the complexity of the enemy's schemes that have been customized just for you. Each week I will provide the chapters to read in order to complete the book during our six-week study.

Read chapters 1-6 of The Screwtape Letters this week.

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