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6. Satan's Future

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As Satan’s time comes to a close, he grows angrier. He knows what God’s Word says will happen to him, and he probably believes it to be true. He is a cornered dog who knows the end is drawing near. And he has one more trick up his sleeve.

Satan is far from being an original thinker. In fact, most of the time he takes his cue from his archenemy: God Himself. Satan is a student of his enemy, and he knows that God’s plans always succeed. That’s why we see Satan so often trying to imitate what he sees God doing. For his final trick, Satan will manufacture a poor imitation of the Holy Trinity in an effort to deceive people. Ultimately, the true Holy Trinity will defeat the Unholy Trinity. And after a short season in “time out,” Satan will be cast into the eternal lake of fire. The cosmic battle will end, Satan will never again pose any threat, and God and His people will enjoy one another for all time.

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