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5. Satan's Defeat

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When I was a child I played in the Peanut baseball league. In two years of games, we lost only once. I knew what it felt like to be on a winning team. The next year I graduated into the PeeWee league, and my team won only one game that year. I knew what it felt like to be on a losing team. Let me tell you, if I have to choose between a winning team and a losing team – I pick the winning team. It’s no fun to lose all the time.

Although in our day-to-day lives it might seem that Satan is winning, the Bible clearly teaches that Satan is on the losing team. He has been defeated already in the past, and he lives in defeat today. He operates like a cornered animal that knows the end is near. He lashes out and attempts to take many people down into defeat with him. He knows no surrender; he raises no white flags; his anger compels him to fight to the end. But it is a losing battle he fights.

For next week, please read chapters 25-30 in The Screwtape Letters.

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