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4. Satan's Allies

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Although our focus during this series is on Satan himself, we should realize that he certainly does not operate alone. The bible describes an elaborate network of evil workers. They may not enjoy unity or agreement in every area, but they share a common goal: The destruction of God’s people. The Bible calls them demons. Like Satan, they were once holy angels worshiping in the very presence of God. Like Satan, they sinned and lost their lofty position in heaven.

Today, these fallen, unholy angels seem to fall into two categories: imprisoned and unimprisoned. Those in prison are bound by chains awaiting their just condemnation for sinning against God (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6). They seem to pose no threat to believer. The unimprisoned demons, however, are a different story…

For next week, please read chapters 19-24 in The Screwtape Letters.

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