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3. Remarriage

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At last we come to remarriage. Much press has been given to the rising divorce rate, but the remarriage rate is nearly as high. Most divorced people get remarried. With our culture flooded with second and third marriages, it is important to hear God's voice on this matter. Fortunately, the Bible says a great deal about this complex subject, at times condemning it and at times encouraging it. The chances are good that you or someone you know is currently married and considering a divorce in order to marry someone else. Perhaps you or someone you know is currently divorced and seeking remarriage. Maybe you or someone you know is considering marrying someone who is divorced. Or possibly you or someone you know is currently remarried. The Bible's teachings on this subject can enable you or someone you know to make informed decisions regarding remarriage.

If you are currently remarried, God wants you to love that person unconditionally and remain with them. Even if you are in your third marriage, God wants it to last. God's will is for you to stay married to the person you are married to today.

If you are currently divorced and seeking remarriage, listen carefully (or currently married and considering divorce so that you can marry someone else). The Bible has things to say to you. According to the Bible, being divorced does not necessarily release you to marry someone else (1 Cor. 7:11). Divorce is not necessarily final. Restoration is still possible, and ideal.

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