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Q. What Denomination Does Subscribe To?


This is a fair question. All too often those who do not stand true to the Word of God fail to reveal their association with any denomination or group. This makes it more difficult to discern their presuppositions and goals. One must be on guard when reading content that is not from trusted sources, and has always sought to provide Bible teaching that is trustworthy.

The short answer to your question is that has sought to avoid the limitations of associating with only one particular denomination, not to mention the fact that our staff and authors are associated with a number of churches and denominations.

In its early days, was fairly closely associated with Dallas Theological Seminary. This is because many of the articles were written by authors associated with Dallas Seminary (either by having graduated from DTS, or by being on its faculty). Since the early days, our authors and articles have come to represent a broader portion of the evangelical community. We gladly associate with those churches and individuals who hold to the fundamentals of the faith (see our doctrinal statement:, regardless of their denominational affiliation. We know that a denomination may differ strongly with the beliefs of other persuasions. When these differences do not deny any essential elements of the gospel, and are more a matter of conviction, we think it is profitable to present different sides of these theological persuasions, so that our audience can hear both sides of the argument and reach their own decision.

As far as our audience would go though, a fairly large segment of our audience would be those who belong to what is known as “independent Bible churches.” Having said this, we receive letters of thanks from many countries around the world, and from those associated with a great many denominations, protestant and Catholic. We have found that those who highly value the Bible and its teaching are attracted to Bible teaching, even though it may on some occasions differ from what they have previously been taught.

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