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1. The Preexistence of the King

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As we approach Christmas and the celebration of the birth of our Lord, we begin a new series that anticipates His arrival. But beginning our study of Jesus at His birth is like studying the life of a president beginning at his election. There is a great deal of back story we’re required to uncover in order to fully understand the subject matter. The story of Christmas (indeed, the story of redemption) did not begin with the birth of Jesus. It’s less accurate to say that a helpless baby grew to become the Savior of the world. Better to say that the Savior of the world chose to become a helpless baby. Who was it that became the meek, mild, and gentle baby in the manger born to poor parents in a humble village in an insignificant part of the world? What role did the Second Person of the Trinity play prior to the incarnation? Who was Jesus the moment before He was conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit? Why is this important?

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