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9. The Power of Love (Song of Songs 8:1-14)

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When we see this couple several years after their wedding we note that they have a seasoned outlook on marriage. They have grown to understand the power of love along with the passion of love. Our love usually begins with an emphasis on passion, but over time it grows to take on a component of power. It’s the difference between flames of a fire that can be extinguished easily, and the white hot embers that cannot be easily cooled. At the same time the couple continues to cultivate those embers of a lasting relationship, they also want to ensure that their daughter has a chance to experience the same wonderful relationship with a man. That requires that she get the relationship off on the right foot at the right time—which is at the parents’ discretion. The fruit of their relationship extends beyond their passion and intimacy and depth to include a daughter who will also enjoy that same type of love herself and develop it into a lasting a maturing marriage. And love’s power continues. . .

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