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3. Paul’s Circumstances: Perspective, Joy, and Mission in Life (Philippians 1:18b-26)—Part II

The Subject/Complement and Exegetical Outline

Subject/Complement: The way Paul responded to the difficulties of unjust punishment and people who opposed him was by rejoicing in the knowledge that God would certainly vindicate him in his present circumstances, no matter what the outcome, and that God would grant him fruitful ministry should he go on living.

    A. Paul’s Attitude of Rejoicing In Light of His Expectations (18b-21)

      1. To Be Vindicated (1:18b-19)

      2. To Exalt Christ (1:20-21)

    B. Paul’s Attitude of Rejoicing In Light of His Future (1:22-26)

      1. Regarding Productive Ministry (1:22-23)

      2. Regarding Ministry to the Philippians (1:24-26)

Homiletical Subject/Complement and the Teaching/Preaching Outline

Underlying Question: How did Paul respond to the potentially discouraging circumstances of his unjust imprisonment?

Underlying Homiletical Question: How should we respond when things do not go well?

Homiletical Subject/Complement (Big Idea): When people oppose you in the thing in which you are following the Lord, rejoice. Rejoice, because Christ will vindicate you in your present circumstances and because ultimately, whether you live or die, life is a win-win proposition with Christ.

    A. Rejoice, Because Christ Will Vindicate You in Your Present Circumstances (18b-21)

      1. The Means of Vindication: Prayer and the Support of the Spirit (1:18b-19)

      2. The Vindication Itself: Courage to Exalt Christ whether in Life or Death (1:20-21)

    B. Rejoice, Because Even Though People Oppose You, God Still Has A Plan for Your Life (1:22-26)

      1. The Struggle of Wanting To Be With the Lord and Yet Minister to People (1:22-23)

      2. While God Leaves Us Here, We Need To Be Discipling People (1:24-26)

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